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He fears his son will never take a stand for anything.

He thought his son would be like him, a man who stands up not just for himself, but also for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Even though he knew it was wrong, Hassan could not say no to Amir.

He even took the blame when his father, Ali, would catch them at it.

Another difference between Baba and Amir, and Ali and Hassan is Baba and Amir are Sunni Muslim and Ali and Hassan are Shi'a Muslim, the Sunni are the predominate denomination in Afghanistan.

Even though Ali was brought up with Baba, same as Hassan was with Amir, Baba and Amir never considered them their friends.Ali and Hassan are servants to Baba and Amir and they are Hazara, who are subservient to the Pashtun people, which is why Baba and Amir don't see them as friends.The Hazara are not allowed to go to school, they are not allowed the same freedoms and ability to work as the Pashtun.In many versions, the song is cumulative, with the animal sounds from all the earlier verses added to each subsequent verse. Walker of Missouri in 1922, a version that names different parts of the mule rather than different animals: A British version of the song, called "The Farmyard, or The Merry Green Fields," was collected in 1908 from a 74-year-old Mrs.This version lists seven species of animal: some dogs (bow-wow), some hens (cluck cluck), some ducks (quack quack), some cows (moo moo), some pigs (oink oink), some cats (meow meow), and a donkey (hee-haw). Goodey at Marylebone Workhouse, London, and published in Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folk Songs.

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