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Find someone who is not your type or is just passing through. Limit the benefits and don’t let them fall into a pattern.A couple times a month is easier to handle emotionally than a weekly or regular routine. When your clothes are on, you are not interested in him romantically or sexually. This is not a romance, there’s a difference between love and lust. Texts should never be romantic and they should never say how amazing last night was. Talk about your activity like it’s a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for love, friends with benefits is not the answer.Just remember the mantra of the pity party: Healing before hookups!

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After the "dating" sessions conclude, participants take notes and score or rank each of the people they were paired up with.

But when you're feeling unlovable, you tend to reach out to drown the loneliness. And it could deeply hurt your ego at a time when you need building up instead of breaking down.

Resist the Reminiscing When you're feeling low about a breakup, it's easy to feel the pull of the ex. That would be one person's opinion about you and your relationship issues.

But again, that could hurt your self-esteem when you're already at a weak point.

Naturally, you come to a point when you're feeling sorry for yourself. Another possible outcome is that your ex tells you how great you are and how much you're missed. So you're truly tempted to hook up with this hottie you used to love.

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