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Javanese is written with the Latin script, Javanese script, and Arabic script.In the present day, the Latin script dominates writings, although the Javanese script is still taught as part of the compulsory Javanese language subject in elementary up to high school levels in Yogyakarta, Central and East Java.Javanese is one of the Austronesian languages, but it is not particularly close to other languages and is difficult to classify.

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As with other Austronesian languages, native Javanese roots consist of two syllables; words consisting of more than three syllables are broken up into groups of disyllabic words for pronunciation.Javanese has a rich and varied vocabulary, with many loanwords supplementing those from the native Austronesian base. The Old Javanese–English Dictionary contains approximately 25,500 entries, over 12,600 of which are borrowings from Sanskrit.Such a high number is no measure of usage, but it does suggest the extent to which the language adopted Sanskrit words for formal purposes.These three dialects form a dialect continuum from northern Banten in the extreme west of Java to Banyuwangi Regency in the eastern corner of the island.All Javanese dialects are more or less mutually intelligible.

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