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Some is strengthening toward a particular purpose and some is weakening toward a particular purpose.Some is balancing toward certain elements and other drishti is aggravating toward certain elements. Those who use inner vision (rishi) can see that graha are beings with lifetimes lasting billions of years. Like each divine human being and each divine universe, each divine graha in Earth's solar-centred system has a signature vibration. Not every entity forms a compatible vibratory pattern with every other entity.Saturn is a malefic planet, he becomes a benefic by owning kendras. Is the term "aspected by benefics'' occurring in the texts applicable to Saturn and such evil planets ? As you know, normally this sort of inquiry cannot be answered since it is a veiled request for a personal reading!However in this case the answer may be beneficial to others.

(Surya Himself is only a transmitter for other more powerful antecedent Suns such as Sirius.) Professor Budha is a messenger, missionary, envoy, apostle. He is only the announcer, missionary, envoy, apostle,.Budha is neutral to all the other graha, so the drishti of Budha won't aggravate any existing animosities.However an incoming 7th drishti from Professor Budha indicates that any existing animosities will become more articulated, more verbalized, more discussed.In practice, Graha which receive drishti of Guru become easier, more optimistic, more inclusive and abundant, more naturally expansive.When Shani receives drishti of Guru, the native 's work comes easily, although there is a lot of it, and if Surya is there one may come to boast of one's accomplishments.

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