Ronda rousey dating chael sonnen

However, the most memorable scene had to be Rousey confronting Tate’s boyfriend, UFC bantamweight fighter Bryan Caraway, during a team outing. The Brit has trash-talked everyone from Dan Henderson to Wanderlei Silva to current middleweight No. His back-and-forth with Tim Kennedy was great, but it gets no better than that time Bisping and Chael Sonnen (who we’ll get to later)€“ met face to face before their fight at UFC on FOX 2. Tito Ortiz Thank the Huntington Beach Bad Boy for helping to usher in a new age of trash talking to promote fights. It’s highly impressive and the UFC probably wishes they had more fighters with Mc Gregor’s gift of gab.

Oh, and Rousey standing up to Dennis Hallman a few episodes before? After beating Vitor Belfort, Ortiz notoriously grabbed his flag pole —€“ American flag on one side, Mexican flag on the other —€“ and ran all the way to the nosebleeds … When they finally got around to the post-fight interview, Ortiz was asked who he thought would win the matchup between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell. I mean I hit him, but then he comes out with this karate s*** and little dude can bang. His back and forth with Jose Aldo, and then Chad Mendes, is making UFC 189 one of the most profitable cards in UFC history, according to officials within the organization.

The trash talk was so over the top that it compelled Rousey to not only give Correia the title shot she craved, but also give her said title shot in her native Brazil.

We’ll see if Bethe can back it all up at UFC 190 in August. Dan Hardy Not only was Hardy a menace in the Octagon, but he also was an absolutely terror outside of it.

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Every glance from Rousey to Tate gave off the "I want to Judo toss you right now" vibe, and the Olympic medalist made it clear at every moment that she did not like the former Strikeforce champion. Michael Bisping Some would argue that Bisping deserves to be higher on this list. Who in MMA go-go’s anyone ‘cept me." — Nick Diaz on Takanori Gomi "Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Maybe f*** you." — Nick Diaz when asked if he was high. But it was his pre-fight banter before UFC 178 that unleashed the monster — and we mean that in the best possible way — that we see and hear today: Nine straight minutes of fire.UFC 194 stands to be the biggest fight in UFC history.We’ve heard that statement before: Liddell vs Ortiz, Silva vs Sonnen, Jones vs Sonnen, Lesnar vs Velasquez, all blockbusters, but pale in comparison to this mammoth matchup, and it’s all thanks to one man: Conor Mc Gregor."I already proved to the world that the Four Horsewomen are a big joke.I just need to conclude my work getting the number one, the leader," Correia told FOX Sports in October 2014.

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