Updating ruby on the mac

If you would like to use the newest Ruby, make sure you use the correct package name, or use the tools described further below instead.Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu use the apt package manager.Certain members in the Ruby community feel very strongly that you should never use a package manager to install Ruby and that you should use tools instead.

This will install the Ruby binaries and Ruby Gems directly from the Open Indiana repositories.(Name Error) undefined local variable or method `remote_gemspecs' for #NOTE: Ruby Gems 1.1 and 1.2 have problems upgrading when there is no rubygems-update installed. * lib/rubygems/source_* Deprecate options to 'search' other than Gem:: Dependency instances and issue warning until November 2008.You will need to follow the second set of update instructions if you see "Nothing to update". * * --destdir folder structure now built using Pathname, so it works for Windows platforms.If you are on Windows, there is a great project to help you install Ruby: Ruby Installer.It gives you everything you need to set up a full Ruby development environment on Windows. If you are installing Ruby in order to use Ruby on Rails, you can use the following installers: Many Rubyists use Ruby managers to manage multiple Rubies.

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