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The spacious hotel rooms have a private bathroom and modern facilities.

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It took a direct order from Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, Chief of the Air Staff, to force Harris to comply.They decided to make massive raids on the German fighter factories.If the Germans chose not to respond, they would be at risk of losing the air war without firing a shot; if they did respond, they would meet fighters in the process.They also pulled almost all of their fighter forces back into Germany, as the majority of their losses were due to fighter actions over forward areas.There seemed to be no point in trying to attack the bombers with enemy fighters in the area. Schweinfurt demonstrated that the bombers were not able to protect themselves, contrary to earlier thinking, and fighter cover had to be extended over the entire mission. S., the P-51 Mustang, an aircraft that had the range to escort the bombers to targets deep within Germany, was starting to arrive in quantity.

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