Vs2016 disable updating intellisense

Folks spend time hunting around the Tools|Options dialog in Visual Studio looking for setting. NET MVC people who use other view engines and might not even have a . I fired Proc Mon up set it to only show the process, and I took a chance and set 'contains browser' for the path.They eventually realize it's not in there at all, but instead you have to right-click on an ASPX page within a Web Project and click "Browse With..." From this dialog you can click Set Default, which is totally obvious, right my daimies? If this didn't work I'd open the flood gates and start sifting a bit.I've seen folks attempt to change this with various extensions in Visual Studio and using automation calls within Visual Studio, but to the best of my knowledge, this feature has been in here for years and years and there's no way to get at it programmatically. Path$regkey = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Visual Studio.0\Web Browser\Config Timestamp""Last Config Timestamp: " ([Date Time](get-itemproperty $regkey). To Local Time()"Cache File Date Last Mod: " ([Date Time](get-itemproperty $regkey). To Local Time()"Cache File Size Bytes: " (get-itemproperty $regkey). Seems I need the SET to my GET script, so why not something like this.Interestingly as well, my first attempt at changing the browser programmatically consisted of this brilliance: But, it seems that those registry keys are serious and really used for something, because each time I opened Browse With... Cache File Size Bytes I'll go and develop and run this script in the Power Shell ISE (that's S for Scripting) that you already have on your computer. I've made copies of like browsers-chrome and browsers-firefox. cd C:\Users\Scott\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Visual Studio.0 copy '.\browsers - firefox.xml' .\browsers.xml$regkey = "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Visual Studio.0\Web Browser\Config Timestamp" set-itemproperty $regkey -name Last Configuration Timestamp -value (&) -type qwordset-itemproperty $regkey -name Cache File Date Last Mod -value (&) -type qwordset-itemproperty $regkey -name Cache File Size Bytes -value (&) -type dword What I am doing in this script?attribute, Re Sharper will conveniently show the completion list with all possible types to reference.In addition, a warning is now shown when a derived class overrides documentation of its base class.NET Core Razor Pages projects as well as in MVC-based web applications. NET Core applications with prior Re Sharper releases, note that the unit test runner now supports NUnit in .NET Core projects (both 1.1 and 2.0), and ensures that you can run both MSTest and x in . Last but not least, Re Sharper's Solution Builder now supports .

With Re Sharper 2017.2, you can safely use your favorite code inspections, navigation actions and refactorings with . If you're a web developer, expect Re Sharper to work in ASP.

Re Sharper 2017.2 helps you learn as much as possible about its updates by integrating the Re Sharper Tutorials plugin.

For an easy way to try a feature instead of only reading about it, go to Re Sharper C 2017.2 is mostly focused on better language understanding and supporting features from C 11 and C 17.

Re Sharper also supports tuple projection initializers with an inspection that reveals redundant tuple value component names when they can be inferred from initializer.

Finally, Re Sharper understands menu, you can now look at and navigate to files that are adjacent to the current file in the structure of your project: browse folders and files in the same directory level as the current file, easily jump to these files or create new ones.

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