Who is dating on american idol

Cute, nice outfit but boring, or as Randy would say, “Just a’ight.” The kinda girl that would make me fall asleep BEFORE sex. They all gave him a standing O, making him wonder, “So this is what it feels like to be hetero.”CONSTANTINE – Paula and Randy really liked him, but I couldn’t figure out what was special. He’ll never survive the theme weeks, so why make him suffer?

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LINDSEY CARDINALE: This cutie has a sultry voice that makes her stand out from the rest. Ryan reminds us all that we should be dialing 866 numbers and not 800#s. By the looks of her, preferably baked and smothered with gravy. If she had as much talent as she did makeup, she could be the next American Idol. MICALAH GORDON: Micalah tells us she would like to be famous because BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I think even she realized this as she really tuned it down this week. One thing I can say, for a 16yr old girl, she’s got talent. NADIA TURNER: She’s singing, “My love does it good,” while I’m thinking, “My hair hides it well.” Who needs a purse when you have hair like that? She’s like a brunette Shakira, except not as good a singer. Carrie sang, “Another Piece Of My Heart” and Randy told her that Janis Joplin was hard to do. When it is her time to go, will she playfully extend a finger to Simon and say, “Beee Goood? Mario will be safe because all the mom’s in America will call in and vote for him. This God fearing active supporter of his local church has everything going for him. Ryan Seacrest stands next to Costantine and reveals, “I’m short.” (And gay! TRAVIS TURNER Travis has the moves, but this isn’t Dance Fever. Nothing funny to write other than this boy seems to be an aphrodisiac for Paula as she stumbles over her feedback amidst her throes of ecstasy. ) Simon sings praises but throws in a “you look like Bobby Brown” comment. The entire panel erupts into loud guffaws, totally confusing the audience, which leads me to ask A) What the hell just happened? ALOHA MISCHEAUX: You pronounce this last name as Miss Show, but I can tell you she was definitely far from it. I think America would be best to do Janay a favor and send her packing. Yeah, but that's the whole point of this forum, to make fun of the ridiculousness of Fox's money making scheme. The ratings will go through the roof and you will feel so much better about yourself! He had a great, “My dad didn’t think I’d amount to anything” shtick and when he opened his mouth during that first audition, I thought, “This is the one.” But his lack of team attitude during the trio performance kinda turned me off, but there could still be hope. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this guy in the top 3 males. But I promise to do my best to satisfy my legion of fans who depend on my insights to win in the office pools… I thought for sure Aloha was my sure thing, but after Janay’s performance… Paula thought he was, “pretty special.” I think Paula is “pretty insane,” but that doesn’t stop her from appearing on TV. He wants to show us his “other side.” Other side meaning alternative side? One flick of the thumb and you could sing like Mario. But even chickens aren’t as brutally slaughtered by the judges as she was after her performance (we love you KFC! Personally, I couldn’t tell if she was good or bad, the music was so overpowering I could barely hear her. Simon claims it’s a strange song…then he got violently sucked into her hair. That apple pie goodness is good for at least a top 5 placing. VONZELL SOLOMON: Vonzell has a nice voice but as she sang the lyric, “Some people need 3 dozen roses..” and held up 3 fingers, I realized… I set the timer for 2min on a preheated 450 and I think it came out just right. There are quite a few good crooners among the males and it will be tough to decide as time goes on, who gets the boot. Agstang give Da Boot to: JANAY CASTINE & ALOHA MISCHEAUXIf we whittle down to 2, I gotta give the big boot to Aloha and Janay. I am totally on Simon’s side when he said he was a dancer first, vocalist second. so much so that he sounded breathless at times, throwing off his pitch and timing. MARIO VASQUEZ – Mario has a new look, very conservative. When I mean marketability, I mean with his shape and hair, he could easily be made into Pez Dispenser. Even I can charge 50 bucks to tell someone, “Just move around this invisible 3x3 square. Almost as if they did not want to jeopardize her chances. I’m confident America will realize this and give her the votes to keep her on. Paula told her she was a “fun performer” and Simon thought it was an “overcooked performance.” I don’t agree. I’m not saying that because I’m a male chauvenist pig who thinks women should stay home and have supper ready for me when I come home to a sparkling clean house. I’m saying that because I’m having a more difficult time determining who the best is among the men than the women. But only because we know of 2 others worse than him… TRAVIS WHATSHISNAME – I still think this guy shoulda got the boot last week.

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